Kraft Natural Cheese Snacks Cheddar & Monterey Jack Cheese Cubes 6.4 Oz Peg

Kraft Cheddar & Monterey Jack Natural Cheese Cubes follow in the Kraft tradition of using only the highest-quality ingredients to create something truly delicious. The rich, smooth texture and delicious taste is sure to win over all of the cheese lovers in your family. Kraft cheeses are made with quality pasteurized milk for consistency and flavor. These cheese cubes are a perfect addition to your party cheese tray and make excellent snacks for everybody. Use these cheddar jack cubes on a cheese and cracker tray or add them to a fondue pot to complete your holiday buffet. The resealable 6.4 oz. package keeps your leftover cheese for another meal. Treat yourself and your family to this rich and savory cheese at your next snack or mealtime to taste the difference Kraft can make.