Nellies Eggs, Large, Free Range

Fresh brown eggs. Grade A. No added hormones & no antibiotics (All eggs are produced without added hormones. No antibiotics were used in the production of these eggs). Certified Humane. Raised & handled. Certified B Corporation. Omega 3: Each egg contains 70 mg of omega 3. We Love Our Hens, Youll Love Our Eggs. Outdoor forage 100% vegetarian feed. Most hens dont have it as good as Nellies. 9 of 10 hens in the US are kept in tiny cages at giant egg factories housing millions of birds. Sadly, even cage-free is now being used to describe hens that are crowded into large, stacked cages on factory farms, who never see the sun. Nellies small family farms are all certified humane free-range. Our hens can peck, perch, and play on plenty of green grass. Learn more at Toll free at 877.476.6384. Please recycle. Friendly packaging details inside. Earth Friendly Packaging: Our 100% recycled pet cartons have a smaller carbon footprint than other carton types. Learn more about our packaging on our website: Product of USA.