Country Hen Eggs, Extra Large, Brown

The Country Hen® Organic Extra-LG Grade A Brown Eggs. Per egg: Lutein + zea 620 mcg. Choline 180 mg Vitamin D 140 IU. Cage free. Sunlit barns + porches. Natural food certifiers. Per 2 eggs: 620 mg omega-3s DHA, EPA, ALA. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by natural food certifiers. The country hen is unique: 1. We were the first to produce organic eggs high in omega-3s. 2. Our eggs contain high levels of all three types of omega-3s: DHA, EPA, ALA. 3. We were the first poultry farm to have its own organic feed mill - since 1988. 4. Our hens have sunlit barns with windows, and outdoor porches when weather permits. Our competitors do not have all of our advantages. Our terrific feed provides lutein, choline, vitamin D, omega-3s and more. Our eggs are simply healthy and delicious. Your letters and telephone calls are greatly appreciated. (978) 928-5333. Our farm, feed mill, and eggs are certified organic by NFC, Inc. -George S. Bass - Founder. Farm news: Green Eggs Eat them here or eat them there. Enjoy the goodness anywhere. Green eggs are not to cause alarm. We're really talking 'bout the farm! The eggs are brown as all have seen. It is the farm that's much more green! Solar has been nature's way from the beginning of our days. Fossil fuels lead men astray making skies an ugly gray. Now solar is back in a big way! And blue skies will be here to stay! We've been good stewards of the land farming with nature hand-in-hand. The soil, the water and the air always reward us for our care. The sun will run all our machines and keep the air so nice and clean. Our organic eggs will be more green! Dear egg buyer, We are happy to announce that we are in the process of installing solar panels. The Country Hen helped pioneer organic egg production decades ago when few people had any true understanding of what organic production was and even fewer realized how important preservation of the land and its' resources would become. Organic was an ideal some believed to be a fad practiced by "boutique" farms. Many thought these farms would inevitably fail to thrive in an economic system that was dependent on chemicals and pollutants to bolster and increase food production. People are now starting to realize the importance of choosing quality food over quantity born of GMOs, pesticides, and other man-made pollutants. Our General Manager, Bob, is always telling us "less is more". That can be interpreted in a number of different ways, depending on where you work on the farm. It is a philosophy that works quite well with our efforts to be as green as we can be. The motto to reduce, re-use, and recycle has always been a big part of our farming practices. We are happy to now have the ability to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for power by installing solar panels. We hope to leave a smaller carbon footprint because, as Bob always says: "Less IS more". For All of us at The Country Hen, Mary Jan bell. Made from 100% recycled fibers. E-mail us at or visit us online at