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Rich fruit pudding made with delicious vine fruit and mixed peel. History of Christmas Pudding: Christmas Pudding or Plum Pudding is a traditional British Christmas dessert. It is customarily decorated with a sprig of holly, doused in brandy, set afire and ceremoniously brought to the dinner table. It originated as a fourteenth century porridge called frumenty. Ingredients included beef, mutton, raisins, currants, prunes, wine, and mixed spices. In 1595, spirits, dried fruit, eggs, and breadcrumbs were added to the recipe and it became plum pudding. Meat was eliminated from the recipe in the 17th century in favor of more sweets, and people began sprinkling it with brandy and setting it aflame when serving it to their guests. By Victorian times, the Christmas pudding became the round shaped treat we know today, made with flour, fruits, suet, sugar and spices all topped with holly. It was around this time that the tradition of placing a silver coin, usually a sixpence, into the mixture was established. The person finding it would get to keep the money with the promise of wealth for the coming year. It is traditionally made five weeks before Christmas, on or after the Sunday before Advent. That day was often deemed Stir-up Sunday, and each family member or child in the household gave the pudding a stir and made a wish. Today, Christmas pudding is the center piece of the dessert table, at the end of a festive Christmas dinner. It is enjoyed by all, and is typically served with double cream, brandy butter or custard. Product is suitable for vegetarians. This product contains alcohol. www.bwi-imports.com. Imported from England. Product of The United Kingdom.