Glutenfreeda Flatbread and Pizza Crust, Gluten-Free, Artisan, Parmesan & Asiago Cheese

Glutenfreeda Certified gluten free; less than 5 PPM, 100% dedicated facility. All natural, wheat-free, non-GMO; no trans fats. Say hello to our new Glutenfreeda Parmesan & Asiago Cheese Artisan Flatbread and Pizza Crust and forever say goodbye to another mundane lunch. These large Flatbreads are the perfect solution to a delicious and quick lunch, diner or snack. Just warm on the stove or in the microwave, pile on your favorite ingredients and a new masterpiece is created! The first absolutely authentic-tasting gluten-free flatbread is finally here! Flatbread with Dinner: There are many amazing ways to enjoy Glutenfreeda Flatbread or Pizza Crust. One of our favorite ways is the simplest, just warmed up and cut into wedges. Our flatbread can even be warmed up straight from the freezer. If you've missed bread at the dinner table, those days are over, just heat and serve Glutenfreeda Flatbread; the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Made in the USA.