GNC NutriWater, Summer Melon

Advanced nutritional water for optimal metabolic function. Live well. 50% DV vitamin E; 50 mg l-theanine; 50% DV vitamin A; zero calories. Advanced Nutritional Water: Refresh your body with GNC NutriWater, a proprietary blend of ingredients uniquely designed to support energy metabolism, advanced hydration, and immune function. Calories: 0 calories; 100 mg immunel; 50 mg l-theanine; 25 mg polyphenols. Vitamins: 2500 IU A (50% DV); 15 IU E (50% DV). Immunel - supports immune function and natural resistance. GNC - more than 75 years of healthy innovation. GNC has been a trusted leader in helping people live well for more than 75 years. Our products are designed to support a healthy lifestyle and must meet our rigorous quality standards. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For more info: Visit us online at Please recycle!