Horizon Pasta Shells & Cheese, Organic, Cheesy Deluxe, White Cheddar

New! USDA organic. 10 grams protein per serving. See side panel for sodium content. Hooray for keeping it real! At Horizon Organic, we believe kids should be kids and food should be real. We think laughter and crumbs make every meal yummier, and we cheer loud and proud for good food done right: No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We do our best to use simple, recognizable ingredients. We support the national organic program, which says no to GMOs. Hip! Hip! Hooray! Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. We'd love to hear from you! 1-888-494-3020 or visit HorizonOrganic.com. Please recycle outer carton. Happy Fact: It takes 10 lbs of milk to make 1 lb of cheese!