Ella's Kitchen Yum Yummy Milk + Vanilla Baby Cookies Organic - 7+ Months

Gently baked cookies. 12 packs inside me. USDA organic. Good in every sense. Hello, I'm just yummy soft and crumbly cookie. All I contain is the goodness of simple ingredients, firm enough for little fingers to hold, yet soft enough to melt in little mouths. Inside me you'll find: no concentrates or juices; just soft organic cookies; I contain naturally occurring sugars. Who am I for? My ingredients are suitable from 1 year. I come in handy packs, great for moms and toddlers on the go! I'm suitable for vegetarians too. My dad said that when I was very little the only baby snacks to eat had lots of things in them that little people shouldn't have. That's why he made our yummy cookies. Moms and babies love them. - Ella X, age 7, England. PS: Let's be friends! Join in at ellaskitchen.com. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Comments? (800) 685-7799. My box is made from forests that are carefully looked after. Please recycle me! You're little one is ready to eat me when they: can crawl with their tummy off the floor; eat thicker, chunkier food purees; mashes food with their jaw; grabs little foods between thumb and first fingers. I'm made from forests that are carefully looked after.