Peets Coffee Reserve Coffee, Ground, Dark Roast, Guatemala San Sebastian

Single-origin coffee. Profile: Dark roast. Notes: Elegantly aromatic, cacao-rich. Process: Washed. Guatemala San Sebastian: The Antigua Valley of Guatemala produces arguably the world's finest coffee. Only here does the heirloom variety of arabica known as bourbon develop such a sublimely sweet coffee fruit, with the dry climate stressing trees just enough to give the beans their tantalizingly complex flavors. One estate in this region stands out above all others: Finca San Sebastian - everything about this farm, 7,000 feet aslope the twinned volcanoes of Acatenango-Fuego, is perfect for producing coffee of consistently superlative quality. It tastes great because it's fresh. Peet's Reserve: Since 1966, we have been committed to crafting exceptional coffee. That means seeking the world's finest beans and tasting hundreds of lots every week. Our Reserve line showcases some of our most exquisite finds, sourced from origins where the growing conditions are superior. These rare coffees receive rare treatment; from hand roasting in small batches to achieve the utmost flavor to hand delivering each coffee to ensure freshness - just check the roast date on this package. Share the coffee love.