Barowsky's English Muffins, Organic, 12 Grain, Fork Split

Certified organic. USDA organic. Barowsky's organic breads, rolls and English muffins have represented a fresh new approach to baking since the very first day they rolled out of our ovens. With a focus on the purity of ingredients, USDA and QAI-certified, organically grown in the most natural environments and with nothing artificial ever added, the bakers of Barowsky's Organic products offer you an impressive level of wholesome and nutritious quality matched with an incredibly appealing taste and texture. Barowsky's Organic products reflect old-world baking traditions, with 100% organic flour as our premium quality starting ingredient. The consistent care and baking skill required to create these amazingly healthful and great tasting organic products are a testament to Barowsky's Organic commitment to the finest quality. Whichever Barowsky product you choose to serve at your table, we are confident you'll love the quality, value, and taste that's reminiscent of the old country. All of our Barowsky's certified organic bakery products meet strictly defined standards, guaranteeing ingredients are grown using sustainable farming practices that enhance ecological harmony and rely on nature's balanced systems. Quality Assurance International: Certified organic. Certified organic by QAI Inc.