Mom Invented Sippy Straw Cleaner

Mom Invented® Sippy Straw Cleaner. BPA free. Helps prolong the life of a sippy cup. Proceeds from every purchase directly benefits independent mom inventor. Join our entrepreneurial community for women! Works with all brands of sippy cup straws. Jennifer, Mom Inventor of the Sippy Straw Cleaner. Helps prolong the life of a sippy cup. Perfect product for active families! Save money. Helps save the environment. Stop buying new sippy & sports cups! Uses of straw cleaner: Sippy cup straws. Accordion straws. Sports bottle straws. Regular drinking straws. Also great for medicine droppers, keyboard cleaning, jewelry cleaning, and small cracks and crevices. What you should know: Soft, nylon bristles. Stainless steel, rust free rod. Universally fits all straws. BPA free. FDA approved. A message from Tamara Monosoff, founder of Mom Inventors, Inc. Thank you for purchasing this Mom Invented® product and directly supporting creative, entrepreneurial women. Make a difference by joining our online community at and learn more about our products and programs. 2010 Mon Inventors, Inc. Toll free: 866-376-1122. Designed in the USA.