Olivado Macadamia Nut Oil, Extra Virgin

High smoke point. High in heart healthy monounsaturates. Use for all baking, salad dressing, drizzling and marinades. Taste the goodness. The Story: Olivado extra virgin macadamia nut oil is made from high quality nuts from Australia's sunshine state, Queensland. As well as its natural health benefits, the macadamia nut makes fantastic oil to use with food. It has a buttery and delicate quality, and is perfect for high heat cooking (smoke point 410 degrees F). As a leading international brand, Olivado is enjoy in over 25 countries. The Taste: With its delicate, smooth and buttery flavours, Olivado extra virgin macadamia nut oil is perfect for pan frying or using as a butter substitute when baking. The Goodness: Macadamia nut oil contains one of the highest levels of monounsaturates among all food oils, contributing to a nutritious and balanced diet. High in natural antioxidants and omega 3 and 6. Contains no trans fats, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Quality extra virgin macadamia nut oils are mechanical extracted to ensure that the oil is not heated to higher than 113 degrees F. To discover more about Olivado, and to see our tasty recipes, go to www.olivado.com. Exporter: Olivado Limited, 41 Sandys Rd, RD2, Kerikeri 0295, New Zealand. Importer: Olivado USA, Inc: +1 954 454 5218. Product of Australia.