Crinkles Potato Crisps, Popped, Thick & Crunchy, Big Ol' BBQ

New! From Pop Corners. Non GMO Project verified. Our little rebellion. Born in Liberty, NY. No artificial anything. Always gluten free. Never ever fried. Certified gluten-free. We love snacks, just like everybody else - the crunch, the flavor, the fun. But we're not about compromising and being forced to choose between the junky chips that make you feel bad or the alternative chips that taste like cardboard. So we said to ourselves, it's time for something different, Something better. We're always striving for something that everyone will enjoy. Here are some things we do: preservative free, dairy free, vegan, double pressed for extra crunchiness, peanut & tree nut free. Join the Rebellion. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Tag us (Hashtag) Rebelicious.