Lundberg® Eco-Farmed Buttery Caramel Rice Cakes 9.5 oz. Bag

Lundberg® Rice Cakes: Delicious, Nutritious, Whole Grain Goodness! Our rice cakes are made from our own freshly milled brown rice to ensure freshness, great taste and whole grain goodness. With nearly twice-as-much rice as other brands, our cakes are packed with twice the flavor, value and nutrition. Lundberg Family Farms® Rice Cakes are gluten-free and made from the natural goodness of brown rice. Truly exceptional taste and a healthy snack for the whole family! Growing Great Rice for Generations™. Since 1937, the Lundberg family has been dedicated to caring for the land responsibly and sustainability. Our organic farming methods produce healthful, delicious rice while respecting and protecting the earth for future generations. Today, the spirit of environmental stewardship at Lundberg Family Farms® continues to grow with every grain of rice. 100% Whole Grain Stamp: 18g or more per serving. Non GMO Project Verified Dairy Free; Vegan Gluten Free Kosher