Kettle® Brand Salt + Pepper Popcorn 5 oz. Bag

Who said we have to stick to potatoes? Our popcorn is like lifting the lid off your mom's cat iron skillet (when she isn't looking) and sneaking a handful of fluffy, delicious kernels. You want to grab more, but you aren't sure when she is going to look back. Go for it, I promise not to tell... I got married this year, and it has been bliss--plus adjustments. Apparently shared property includes Kettle Brand Salt & Pepper Popcorn. No one warned me. If you've tasted it, you know it's hard to share...all natural, different herbs and spices and, of course, salt & pepper. Can you blame me? Some may call it delicious, some may call it crunchy goodness, but when my husband is out of town, I call it "dinner." Hope you enjoy it as much as my family does, Laura Merritt. Our Natural Promise: 0 grams trans fat; No preservatives; Gluten free; Non-GMO Project Verified; Made with natural ingredients. Non-GMO Project Verified 0 Grams Trans Fat No Preservatives Made with Natural Ingredients Certified Gluten Free Kosher Parve